For over 50 years, we have been in the cast net making business, paving the
road for cast net designs today. Through generations of experience and know-
how, we have developed, refined, and created the most effective cast net designs.
While others claim that some of their nets are "hand made", we are proud to say
that all AHI USA cast nets are skillfully and individually hand constructed,
resulting in superior craftsmanship placed into every tied knot on our nets. Our
level of commitment is further reflected in our effort to hand glue all tied knots to insure a non-slip design.
A half a century has passed since we first started making cast nets and now we
would like for you to enjoy and experience the difference in an AHI USA cast net.
    AHI USA Sabiki Rigs are produced with only the highest quality components. All
AHI USA Sabiki Rigs include Ball Bearing and Crane Swivels designed to minimize line kinks and twist. Equipped with sharp high quality hooks, hand tied to super
strong Nylon Chip leader material, these rigs are enhanced with green glow and
red flasher beads.
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