Promar Hoop Nets

These patented hoop nets are great for catching crabs, lobsters, and landing fish from a boat, pier, bridge, or other overhanging structure. Heavy-duty twenty inch deep polyethylene netting is extremely effective in preventing the escape of your catch. Zinc galvanized steel construction prevents rust on upper and lower rings. All Promar Hoop nets feature an exclusive bait keeper double layer bait pouch designed to hold bait without the use of a bait cage. Works great as both a Crab/Lobster Net and Bridge/Pier Landing Net.

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NE-102JPRO - 36" Stainless Steel Pro Lobster/Crab Hoop Net Complete Set - 36" upper ring and 14" lower ring - includes 2 large commercial size floats and heavy duty braided rope.
NE-102J - Jumbo 36" Lobster/Crab Hoop Net Complete Set - 36" upper ring and 14" lower ring. - includes 2 secure floats and 100 ft poly rope.
NE-102 - 32" Deluxe Lobster/Crab Net Complete Set - 32" upper ring and 12" lower ring - includes 2 secure floats and 100 ft poly rope.
NE-101 - 32" Deluxe Lobster/Crab Net Black Netting - includes 3 Arm bridle

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