Umbrella Dip Net Instructions

Whether you are targeting smelt, sardines, or anchovies in the saltwater or shad, minnows, and crawfish at a local lake, follow these simple steps to catch your own bait.

First, situate yourself in a location where you can easily drop the net straight down into the water without any obstructions, where the net can be lifted vertically from the water. Next use chum such as cat food, bread crumbs, etc. to attract the bait up to the surface of the water. (consult your state's local regulations to make sure it is legal to chum). Sometimes this could take a little bit of patience for baitfish to pick up your chum line.

Submerge the net just slightly below the surface of the water and wait for the baitfish to begin feeding on your chum trail. As baitfish move over and on top of your net lift the Umbrella Dip Net up quickly and continue to bring the net towards you.

The Promar Umbrella Net with it's hemmed edges will improve the amount of bait captured in the net.

Quickly place bait into livewell and repeat steps.

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